Jane Crosby - Artist

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Participating in Artists In Our Midst (AIOM) consumed my life for about 6 weeks, and it was a good experience. 


The 1-day exhibition of about 40 artists' work at Yaletown's Roundhouse was exciting! The paintings were hung and labelled professionally. The spacing and lighting were excellent, and the art itself, simply amazing. I felt proud to be part of it, and grateful to have most of my family there with me.


My 'open studio' was at Tapestry At Arbutus Walk, along with 3 other artists. There was a steady stream of visitors over the two days, and our group did quite well with sales. I was very happy to sell my 'Pansy' painting to a nice lady, obviously of discerning taste!


My mini exhibit at FreshPrep looked good and had lots of interest. I have since replaced the art with different paintings, and appreciate Becky and Husein's continued support.


It was a pleasure to get to know so many of our fine local artists, and we worked hard, together and independently, to make AIOM 2015 a big success.



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