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On March 8th, my watercolour instructor Homa Eftekhar (Ghafarzadeh)(http://homaeftekhar.com) organized an exhibition of her many students' works. It was set in Vancouver's Coal Harbour Community Centre, with inspiring views of the marina, the harbour, and the North Shore mountains.


It was exhilarationg to participate in my first show, and with such talented colleagues. That would have been enough, but there was more - I sold 4 watercolour paintings. My first sales! My deepest thanks to Erika (who bought Snow on Holly and Nasturtium) and Connie (who bought Tulips and Fuschia with Snow). Also much gratitude to Homa for her generosity, patience, and most of all, her exceptional teaching ability.


It was a milestone day I will never forget. 


the artist with husband Jory


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