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It was quite a successful summer!


Artists In Our Midst, May


It was a pleasure to show my teacup paintings and Canadian flowers at Neverland Tea Salon - they fit right in with the whimsical decor. My thanks to co-managers Renee and Terri for hosting me.


The group opening exhibition at the Roundhouse was exceptionally well done - the venue and the curating were professional and first class. The variety of artists' media and styles flowed together to create an energetic and impressive show. Thanks to our sponsors for making this event possible! 


The open studio in our home on the last weekend went way beyond my expectations - there were so many visitors it was almost overwhelming. I was so excited! Everyone was kind and encouraging, so my thanks to everyone who came to see me, and to my husband for all his support.


Through the above 3 events, 11 of my paintings and many cards went home with new owners. This was my 3rd year with AIOM, and it was a real thrill.



Mid Main Art Fair, June


I was honoured that Enda invited me to join this very talented and welcoming group for a Sunday at Heritage Hall. It was rather humbling to show my work with theirs, especially after most of my best paintings sold in May. I had just finished a nice Canna Lily painting before the event, and was happy it went home with a very nice lady. 


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